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It’s time to curl up inside the house around the fire now that the weather has turned colder. For many homeowners, who are increasingly using their outdoor recreation spaces during three of the four seasons, this isn’t necessarily the case. You can enjoy your wonderful outside space and have a BBQ in the cooler months as long as there isn’t more than a foot of snow on the ground. All you need are a few inventive patio design ideas or get concrete contractors Dothan AL to do the job.


Establish a windbreak. Make sure you have a windbreak to keep cold winds from driving everyone indoors. This is one of the best backyard tips for designing a useable patio design in the winter. Work with your landscape architect to identify the direction that the most common winds come from during the colder months and install a berm or decorative wall there to block the breezes. Another choice is to put a patio in a spot in your yard that is already naturally protected.


Include a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. For outdoor enjoyment in cooler weather, a heat source is necessary. Heat must be added to any outdoor entertaining area, whether it be through charming stone fireplaces or small, portable firepits for more casual areas. These amenities will increase the value of your home while also enhancing the mood of your events.


Grill heaters. It’s a smart idea to add patio heaters even if you have an outdoor fireplace or firepit, especially if your entertainment space is sizable. The temperature will decrease as you move further from the heat source. Patio heaters come in stand-alone, tabletop, and wall-mounted forms and come in electric or propane varieties. If at all possible, install heaters beneath awnings or overhangs to capture as much heat as possible as warm air rises.


Garden Kitchen. You will utilize this feature all year long, so make sure there is plenty of storage and a room for food preparation. Who, after all, wants to walk to and from the house in the cold?


Outdoor furniture. Utilize warm-retentive furnishings that won’t trap moisture. Choose furnishings with insulated cushioning and a water-resistant protective covering to help you stay warm in cooler weather.