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Each homeowner has a dream of having a pool in their backyard. It is the beautiful center of any backyard and the center of enjoyment during the warmer months. However, the rest of your landscaping should blend in with your pool, and enhancing your outdoor entertainment area by building a stylish concrete deck next to your pool will do wonders!


If you’re repairing or constructing a pool or entertainment area this year, here are some options for your surrounding concrete:


  1. Don’t Pay For Natural Materials: Replicate Them


More than just a flat, grey slab of concrete is possible! Your design options using stamped concrete materials are essentially endless.

Pressing a design into freshly poured concrete creates surfaces of stamped concrete. You may combine classic concrete’s strength and durability with virtually any material’s appearance, including stone, brick, tile, slate, and even wooden planks. Your creative abilities can certainly shine with this kind of concrete. Alternatively, you can hire professionals like Dothan Premier Concrete Co. to do all this work.


  1. Choose a Sand Finish


With a sand copy finish, you can recreate the beach atmosphere in your own backyard. Incorporate color and texture to give the poolside a natural feel. It’s also a fantastic alternative for areas where people will be going barefoot because it’s smooth enough to walk on without being slippery, increasing pool safety for children.


  1. Add Additional Dedicated Spaces


Your pool is likely to be the center of attention in your backyard and deck area, but adding additional concrete fixtures, such as a fire pit or upholstered benches, can give the area a more upscale appearance. These additional spaces provide you with additional spaces for relaxation while giving your concrete design depth and variety.


  1. For Design and Safety, Add LED Lighting


When building a concrete pool deck, safety should be one of your top priorities, especially if there are young children present. You should make sure there is enough lighting, regardless of the layout and design you opt for, to ensure the safety of you and your family during those evenings spent by the pool. LED lighting is among the finest ways to accomplish this. To brighten your entire outdoor space and extend its usage hours throughout the day, small LED lights can be installed in your concrete deck, not only immediately next to the edge of your pool but also underneath concrete stairs or benches.


  1. Pick a Distinctive Border


Your swimming pool’s accent border offers both aesthetic and practical advantages. In addition to visually breaking up big expanses of plain concrete, it also helps by clearly delineating the boundaries of your pool, making them safer to view. You may experiment with color schemes, textures, and shapes thanks to this. For instance, if you want your deck to have the texture of stone or brick but don’t want to cover the entire surface with it, incorporating it into your design with a decorative concrete border can be the ideal compromise.